Announcing Vue.js with

Announcing Vue.js with

Brett M. Nelson - Monday, October 23, 2017

Some of you may know I have been working on a project about using Vue.js with Salesforce. Surprise! it's a book!  Vue.js with is now available for order.

If you are part of the Weekly Stand-up! you already are aware of some of this but for the rest of you... Sign up! also here is some information about Vue.js with Vue.js with

Vue.js with is an entry level book designed to help a developer gain an understanding of Vue.js and start using it with


If you purchase before the current sale ends, I will be asking for your direct feedback on how to improve it.  Either through Email or possibly through a Slack setup. I haven’t decided yet, there will be more to come on that.


I mentioned sale... so until Friday I am offering it at a discounted price of $9.77.  After this week the price will go up.


Once purchased the book is available through a download link you will be directed to and a copy of the link is included with your purchase.


epub and mobi, this means most ebook readers should be covered but I am working on getting a pdf to convert properly to include in the distribution.

Payment Options:

Paypal and Stripe, so most credit cards should work.


Will be included in a future release.


This is a work in progress and some polish is needed.  Any feedback during these stages will be greatly appreciated.


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