Around the Web - 20170428

Around the Web - 20170428

Brett M. Nelson - Friday, April 28, 2017

And now for somethings to read over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is.

Announcing TypeScript 2.3

Microsoft's super set of JavaScript has a new release out this week. Check out this announcement to see some of the goodness the TypeScript Team released.

Is Your New Best Friend!

Matt Lacey has a nice piece on the new (read: still in beta) <lightning:input>. Definetly worth a read if you have ever cured <ui:inputXYZ> for not using the Lightning Design System.

Good comments explain WHY, not WHAT, and 3 more rules on writing good comments

Over on Andreas Klinger has a completely reasonable article on code comments.

Clean Code JavaScript with Ryan McDermott

This episode of JavaScript Jabber is a talk about clean code and how Ryan McDermott started a repo on github working through the Clean Code in JavaScript.

JavaScript ES6+: var, let, or const?

This post on Medium by Eric Elliott has some good insight into the uses for let, const and var.

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