Around the Web – 20171027

Around the Web – 20171027

Brett M. Nelson - Friday, October 27, 2017

And now for somethings to read over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is.

Programming against Apex Interfaces

In the dim and distant past (getting on for 10 years ago now), when I was a Java programmer working in the systems integration and financial services space, the majority of the programming that I did was against interfaces rather than concrete...

The Complete Software Developer's Career Guide:

How to Learn Programming Languages Quickly, Ace Your Programming Interview, and Land Your Software Developer Dream Job

Technical Knowledge Alone Isn't Enough - Increase Your Income by Leveling Up Your Soft Skills

Salesforce | Populating Salesforce Data into a Table element

Celigo's Excel SmartClient is a powerful tool that can be used to retrieve data from Salesforce into Excel. Once... What is DataSet? Data set is the collection of data to train the machine to predict. Let's understand this... Of course Salesforce...

Action Guidelines and Best Practices | Salesforce1 Mobile App Developer Guide | Salesforce Developers

Setting Up Your Work Environment Customizing the Salesforce1 Navigation Menu Customizing How Your Data Shows Up in Salesforce1 Guidelines and Best Practices for Administrators Action Guidelines and Best Practices Custom Icon Guidelines and Best...


we have reached together the 1000th active user, this is a small milestone but worth to be celebrated! I'm keeping enhancing the ORGanizer, developing new features, fixing bugs, enhancing already developed features but the most amazing thing I...

The Unofficial User Guide: How to Track Your Leads on The Salesforce Mobile App

In this article, I'm going to teach you how to work with leads on the Salesforce1 mobile app. You can see over on the left-hand side, the option appears to navigate over to the Leads section. This is almost identical to the Leads tab on the desktop...

The Icon Journey

@chrisdias Thanks for all the passionate feedback. It has been very helpful, painful, and entertaining all at the same time. We're changing the orange icon to blue for Stable and keeping green for Insiders. In Monty...

Demystifying the PageRank Algorithm

PageRank is arguably the most widely-utilized and influential algorithm in our modern day - chances are you use it tens of times every single day. In this article, I hope to explain not only what PageRank is and how it became so influential but...

Antopos iPhone Charger Cable 6 FT 8 Pin Lightning to USB Cord for iPhone iPad iPod (5 Pack)

TOP 124 Salesforce Influencers of 2017 - In a League of their Own

Thousands have asked for it, many have tried to get on it, but few have made the final cut. Announcing the TOP 124 Salesforce Influencers of 2017 (both listical and digital asset provided below). It's no mystery that the Salesforce ecosystem is not...

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