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Brett M. Nelson - Friday, November 24, 2017

And now for somethings to read over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is.

Trailhead Live Minneapolis – Hyatt Regency Minneapolis | Wednesday, December 6, 2017 Tell us a little about yourself, so we can show you the products that can help your business.

152: Two Rebrandings Behind

In this episode, we discuss building configurable integration software, Salesforce's Q3 results, and a switch statement coming to Apex in the near future thanks to recent updates to the Apex Compiler.

Artemis: A Novel

Jasmine Bashara never signed up to be a hero. She just wanted to get rich.

Not crazy, eccentric-billionaire rich, like many of the visitors to her hometown of Artemis, humanity’s first and only lunar colony.

Uber Concealed Cyberattack That Exposed 57 Million People's Data

Hackers stole the personal data of 57 million customers and drivers from Uber Technologies Inc., a massive breach that the company concealed for more than a year. This week, the ride-hailing company ousted Joe Sullivan, chief security officer, and...

Communicating between Lightning Components and Visualforce Pages - Salesforce Developers Blog

There are many places where you can use Visualforce pages in Lightning Experience. The Visualforce & Lightning Experience module in Trailhead covers these scenarios in detail. In some of these places, a Visualforce page can coexist with Lightning...

3D Pen, PACKGOUT 3D Doodler Drawing Printing Pen

  • CREATE IN 3D - The 3D printing pen extrudes heated plastic which instantly hardens, allowing you to literally draw in 3 Dimensions, freehand or on paper. Creates multi-layer artwork!
  • EASY HANDLING – Pen style, lightweight 2.2oz design makes this the most comfortable and ergonomic 3D printing pen available.

Salesforce: Time field (Beta)

This blog is written with Winter '18 release, where time field still in Beta, let us expect many improvements in Spring '18 release. This feature is enabled by default in Sandbox, but you need to request Salesforce if you would like to enable it...

A Look at Angular Alongside Vue - Familiar Code

I spent a few days on and off learning parts of Vue to write a small app. I wrote the same app with Angular. I'm sharing my experience of working through Vue for the first time to help others that may be curious about the JavaScript framework...

Salesforce | Working with Apex in JetForcer IDE: Offline validation, quick-fixes, refactorings and powerful code completion.

Lyrics Each and every time developing an integration, I wanted to automate the most tedious and routine part of... Idea from IDEa Recently, I needed to code a little tool in Java. The last time I coded something... This topic came up again today in...

Aurelia By Example

My name is Tom and I've been building applications in Aurelia for 18 months, including the recent product I launched, DingoPM. When I first started working in Aurelia, I needed help working out how to approach larger problems. Most of the tutorials...

Pre-requisites for Learning Apex - Logical Mind and Confidence!

In my last article Mastering Apex Variables – a Stepping Stone in your Apex Journey I discussed about Variables and Data Types. There were few assignments for you in that article, if you did not get a chance to complete it, do it right now.

Dreamforce 2017: Scripting DX: Using Build Tools to Automate your Development | Cloud Clod

Here's the recording of my Dreamforce 2017 presentation Scripting DX: Using Build Tools to Automate your Development, in did in collaboration with Bryan Leboff.

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