Around the Web – 20180713

And now for somethings to read (or watch) over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is.

Episode 41 – Version 3.14 Beta

Another year passes, another episode gets release. Well it feels like that anyway. This took a week or so to publish after recording because our tracks got out of sync somehow. It sounds like my track (Matt) has been sped up slightly, with a few glitches pulling them back in time on occasion.


Good Day, Sir! Show - Salesforce Podcast – / John De Santiago – Jul 11 – In this episode, we discuss DigitalOcean developer trends report, ICE protestors, Salesforce AI tools for customer service, architecting Lightning components for testability, and issues with building on top of managed packages.

Unlearning toxic behaviors in a code review culture

freeCodeCamp – Sandya Sankarram – Jan 19, 8:41 AM – Code reviews can be contentious. I had an incredible experience giving my first conference talk titled “ Unlearning Toxic Behaviors in a Code Review Culture ”at AlterConf. I went into the experience preparing for any pushback and…

Humble Book Bundle: Virtual Reality by Springer Nature

Humble Bundle – Learning Webbased Virtual Reality Develop Microsoft HoloLens Apps Now Human Factors in Augmented Reality Environments Virtual Reality and Animation for MATLAB and Simulink Users Feeling Present in the Physical World and in ComputerMediated…

Bootstrap 4.1.2 – Mark Otto – Jul 12 – 12 Jul 2018 We've been busy these last couple months since launching v4.1.1, but we're back with another bug fix and some sweeping changes to how we build and publish our docs after the issues stemming from our v4.1.x launches. When we launched…

15 HTML element methods you've potentially never heard of

Hacker Noon – David Gilbertson – Jul 5, 5:04 AM – The humble table (still the #1 way to lay out a website) has quite a few nifty methods that make constructing them as simple as constructing an Ikea table. Not a single document.createElement() in sight. The .insertRow() method will even insert a…

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