Around the Web – 20180817

And now for somethings to read (or watch) over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is.

184: Keto Schmeto

Good Day, Sir! Show - Salesforce Podcast – / John De Santiago – Aug 15 – In this episode, we discuss Salesforce auto-transitioning orgs to LEX, thoughts on how our careers changed over the years, and working with packages.

The First Vue.js Sprint - Summary - The Vue Point - Medium

The Vue Point – Damian Dulisz – Aug 15, 10:52 AM – Vue.js Sprint is a new initiative that aims to physically bring together members of the Vue team to work on core projects for at least several days. Location: Wrocław, Poland 8 core team members (Alex Kyriakidis, Chris Fritz, Denis Karabaza…

All About Custom Lightning Page Templates - Salesforce Developers Blog – Aug 14, 3:00 AM – Have you ever wished for a new layout for your home page? How about more control over the columns on your record page? With the custom Lightning page template feature and a little bit of code, you can go way beyond the out of the box templates.

The Salesforce Expert View on Code Review Processes and Tools for Apex Code Changes

Panaya – Ronit Eliav – Aug 15, 2:37 AM – In a recent Salesforce World Tour event, a conversation came up on code review process and tools for Apex code changes. Code reviews ensure that multiple members of your team have at least seen each line of code in your Salesforce application. The…

Minecraft for PC/Mac

Mine/Build/Explore/yada yada yada....  WITH YOUR Kids!  If you haven't done this yet you should start.  If you don't have kids... well it's still a fun game.

Angular 6 CLI: Why You Need It And How To Use It - Alex Maison

Medium – Alex Maison – Aug 7, 1:05 PM – The version of Angular 2.0.0 was released in September 2016. And immediately appeared a large number of approaches to building and building applications on this framework. On the Internet, you can find the Angular seed for every taste. We also…

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