Around the Web – 20180824

And now for somethings to read (or watch) over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is.

185: A World of Notches

Good Day, Sir! Show – Salesforce Podcast – / John De Santiago – Aug 22 – In this episode we discuss, Apple’s rumored iPhone lineup, Twitter API’s impacting 3rd party clients, scratch orgs, Salesforce’s continued pressure over Border Patrol contracts, and enterprise integration solutions.

Patterns for Migrating from Visualforce to Lightning Components: Part 1 | Mike Topalovich – Jul 24, 2016, 11:29 AM – This three-part blog series is adapted from a presentation I had the opportunity to give at the Midwest Dreamin’ event in Chicago. I gave the session a fairly provocative name – The Long, Slow Goodbye: Patterns for Migrating from Visualforce…

Real World Vue.js: Global Components

Vue Mastery – Adam Jahr – Notify me when new lessons are available. In this tutorial, we’ll be learning about globally registered components. Why and when you’d want to use global registration Automatic Registration How to create an icon component and use it globally In the…

Salesforce Developer Wiki Retirement – Salesforce Developers Blog – Aug 23, 5:00 AM – Years ago, the Salesforce Developer Wiki was a trove of valuable technical resources but these days, there is a good part of those 1.6k pages that is now obsolete and duplicated by our documentation. We concluded that it was time to act for the…

VSCode Tip: Watching Files – August 21 – Aug 21, 11:00 AM – Edit this page | Issue? Question? File this under VS Code Can do That?! Sometimes I need to watch a log file or other file for changes, whether it be on my local machine or a remote server. On windows this can be a bit of a pain, and you oftentimes…

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