Around the Web – 20181005

And now for somethings to read (or watch) over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is.

190: De-Branded

Good Day, Sir! Show - Salesforce Podcast – / John De Santiago – Oct 3 – In this episode, we discuss Salesforce Mascots, namespaces, the developer keynote, using Javascript ES6 with Lightning.

Plans for the Next Iteration of Vue.js - The Vue Point - Medium

The Vue Point – Evan You – Sep 30, 6:52 AM – Last week at Vue.js London I gave a brief sneak peek of what's coming in the next major version of Vue. This post provides an in-depth overview of the plan. Vue 2.0 was released exactly two years ago (how time flies!). During this period, the core…

Nemesis Games (The Expanse)

A thousand worlds have opened, and the greatest land rush in human history has begun. As wave after wave of colonists leave, the power structures of the old solar system begin to buckle.

The Node.js Foundation and JS Foundation Announce an Intent to Merge (A Message from the Boards…

Medium – Node.js Foundation – Oct 4, 8:31 AM – *The introduction of this blog comes from the Board of Directors for both the Node.js and JS Foundations. Today, the Node.js Foundation and JS Foundation announced an intent to merge. An intent to merge means that we the boards of both Foundations…

Aurelia Release Notes - Early October 2018

Aurelia – Rob Eisenberg – Oct 1 – As always, we continue to on improving Aurelia by both fixing bugs and adding new features. In fact, while we're hard at work on Aurelia vNext, we've also been back-porting some new features to the current version of Aurelia. This round of releases…

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