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And now for somethings to read (or watch) over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is.

193: Pinging the OAuth

Good Day, Sir! Show – Salesforce Podcast – / John De Santiago – Oct 31 – In this episode we discuss, Jeremy’s latest brews, the latest Apple Event announcements, Amazon’s outage, and wishing everyone a happy and safe Halloween.

VS Code for Salesforce Developers: Your Questions Answered – Salesforce Developers Blog – Oct 30, 3:00 AM – On our recent webinar VS Code for Salesforce Developers we received more than 300 questions from our (completely awesome) attendees — thank you! In this blog post, we’re summarizing and answering the most asked questions. No. To get started…

The Forgotten History of OOP – JavaScript Scene – Medium

JavaScript Scene – Eric Elliott – Oct 31, 5:00 PM – Note: This is part of the “Composing Software” series on learning functional programming and compositional software techniques in JavaScript ES6+ from the ground up. Stay tuned. There’s a lot more of this to come! < Previous |…

Making Sense of React Hooks – Dan Abramov

Medium – Dan Abramov – Oct 30, 10:10 AM – This week, Sophie Alpert and I presented the “Hooks” proposal at React Conf, followed by a deep dive from Ryan Florence: I strongly recommend to watch this opening keynote to see the problems we’re trying to solve with the Hooks…

The Complete JavaScript Handbook – Flavio Copes – Oct 30, 8:59 AM – JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, and is now widely used also outside of the browser. The rise of Node.js in the last few years unlocked back-end development – once the domain of Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, and…

London Salesforce DUG, October 2018: The Musical Episode – MobileCaddy

MobileCaddy Stage – Todd Halfpenny – Nov 1, 6:17 AM – October has been a busy month for us in the London Salesforce community. A couple of weeks ago, we played our part in supporting Salesforce’s Dreamforce 2018 Global Gathering Movement. This event provided those unable to actually make it to…

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