Around the Web – 20181116

And now for somethings to read (or watch) over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is.

195: Probably Spam

Good Day, Sir! Show – Salesforce Podcast – / John De Santiago – Nov 14 – In this episode, we discuss ISV development, certfications, code coverage and quality code, Amazon moving away from Oracle, Zendesk Sunshine, and AI replacing people.

Evan You Previews Vue.js 3.0 – Vue Mastery – Medium

Vue Mastery – Gregg Pollack – Nov 15, 2:05 PM – Evan You previewed Vue 3 this morning during his keynote talk at Vue Toronto. By taking advantage of new abilities enabled by modern browsers, Vue 3 will be an improved evolution of the Vue.js we already know and love. We took notes and combined…

Modular App Dev: Your Questions Answered – Salesforce Developers Blog – Nov 15, 2:00 AM – On our recent webinar Modern App Dev: Modular Development Strategies, we saw lots of great questions come in from our (wonderful and super sharp) attendees. We’re tackling the most common ones (that we didn’t get to during the webinar) here. We…

Faster async functions and promises · V8 – Nov 12 – Asynchronous processing in JavaScript traditionally had a reputation for not being particularly fast. To make matters worse, debugging live JavaScript applications — in particular Node.js servers — is no easy task, especially when it…

The Absolute Easiest Way to Debug Node.js - with VSCode

ITNEXT – Paige Niedringhaus – Nov 11, 8:43 AM – If you’ve ever had the pleasure of writing code for a Node.js project, you know what I’m talking about when I say debugging it to figure out what’s going wrong isn’t the easiest thing. Unlike JavaScript in the browser, or Java with a powerful IDE…

Type Vue without TypeScript

Noteworthy – The Journal Blog – Rahul Kadyan – Nov 11, 10:55 AM – In JavaScript files, VS Code infers types for static values to provide intellisense, including object property names, function return value type, and property types. VS Code has automatic type acquisition which uses npm package’s bundled types or…

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