Around the Web – 20190607

Around the Web – 20190607

Brett M. Nelson - Friday, June 7, 2019

And now for somethings to read (or watch) over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is.

Read Only Peppers – Jeremy Ross – In this episode, we discuss Apple announcements, Github Sponsors, permageddon, TralheadDX, and the Extracurricular.

Google outage takes down YouTube, Gmail, and Snapchat in parts of US

The Verge – Tom Warren (@tomwarren) – Jun 2, 1:02 PM – YouTube, Snapchat, Gmail, Nest, Discord, and a number of other web services are suffering from outages in the US today. The root cause appears to be problems with Google's Cloud service which powers apps other than just Google's own web services.

Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu!

The kids like it but don't buy it from the online store if you need to change between multiple Switches.

Passing the Heroku Architecture Designer Certification – Jun 2 – On the 21st May Salesforce released a brand new certification, the “Heroku Architecture Designer” which is focussed on validating that those who are using Heroku, particulalry with integrations to Salesforce, have the knowledge and...

Extend your Salesforce Toolbox using NodeRED

Apex Hours – May 31, 5:00 PM – NodeRED, a top level OpenSource project of the JavaScript foundation, too follows the philosophy 'Clicks, not code' we all got to love in Salesforce. The talk will introduce NodeRED, what it is, what it can do and how to use it in conjunction with...

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