Around the Web – 20191003

And now for somethings to read (or watch) over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is.

My Own MyTrailhead in My Org

Good Day, Sir! Show – Jeremy Ross – In this episode, we discuss upgrading operating systems, tiny airplane seats, Trailhead, Docker in trouble, and community feedback on our 2GP discussion.

Lightning Web Components local development with Illuminated Cloud (Beta)

Illuminated Cloud – The beta for local development of Lightning Web Components is now available ! This post describes how to use Illuminated Cloud with the LWC local development server. This post provides condensed instructions for installing, configuring, and using…

How to Contribute to an Open Source Project

CSS-Tricks – Sep 9, 7:10 AM – Easily manage projects with The following is going to get slightly opinionated and aims to guide someone on their journey into open source. As a prerequisite, you should have basic familiarity with the command line and Git. If you know…

Web Components for Cross-Framework Component Libraries

codeburst – John Tucker – Sep 2, 2:49 PM – An argument with example for delivering cross-framework component libraries using Web Components. The Challenge of Using Web Components Several years back, mid-2017, I wrote a series of articles on Web Components, starting with Web Components by…

An Introduction to Web Components

CSS-Tricks – Mar 18, 5:47 AM – Create your own website with Front-end development moves at a break-neck pace. This is made evident by the myriad articles, tutorials, and Twitter threads bemoaning the state of what once was a fairly simple tech stack. In this article…

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