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Brett M. Nelson - Friday, April 10, 2020

And now for somethings to read (or watch) over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is.

52. Apex Parallel Unit Testing

Salesforce Way – Daniel Ballinger joins to talk about his Parallel Unit Testing diagnosing story. Daniel is a Salesforce MVP, Senior Salesforce and.NET Developer and the author of tool SFDC Explorer. What is parallel unit testing? What is the default running mode...

Animal Crossings New Horizons - Nintendo Switch

A cute looking game about... I'm not entirely sure. I do know the kids are loving it and really enjoy playing it with each other. I probably should have realized this would be a good buy for them considering the cute animals and building themes of the game.

Try gh, GitHub's new CLI – Apr 10, 7:11 PM – Quiz: What do you use every day, that is essential to your development workflow, and has a vast and complex UI and API? You likely interact with the git commands in terminal for some operations and then go to the web site when... release notes

Illuminated Cloud – Announcements ‎ > ‎ Anonymous Apex and SOQL Query tool window enhancements Issue 202 - The Anonymous Apex and SOQL Query tool windows now both support saving and restoring of multiple tabs. Each project's existing saved default tab...

Classic CS Algorithms In Apex

SFDC Vets – Brooks Johnson – Apr 9, 6:34 PM – The Salesforce ecosystem always seems to have a higher number of self taught developers than other industries. I, certainly, count myself among them. It was not too many years ago that I could not have told you the difference between Java and HTML.

Beginner's Guide to Eleventy

Designer · Tatiana Mac – What is a static site generator? (Part I) I won't lie. When I first installed a static site generator (SSG), I was pleased with how quickly it installed. However, my immediate success was short lived. Something something, beginner's luck. Even...

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