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Brett M. Nelson - Friday, May 22, 2020

And now for somethings to read (or watch) over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is.

Dreamforce 2019 Presentation - Reducing the Cost of Enforcing CRUD and FLS in the ESAPI – FishOfPrey – May 20 – At Dreamforce this last year (2019) Chris Peterson and I gave a theater presentation on combining the new Apex Security.stripInaccessible method with the existing ESAPI library for enforcing Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete (CRUD) and field level...

LEGO STAR WARS Millennium Falcon 75105

While being forced to work through my Lego backlog over the last few weeks, the boss finally decided that it was time to complete this set that he has been wanting to play with. It took a bit of time but he stuck with it and now gets to play with all the Star Wars Legos in the house.

Apex Loop Structures Part I

SFDC Vets – Brooks Johnson – May 22, 8:51 AM – I recently had a request for a video on Apex loop structures. Loops are a fundamental part of almost every program. To keep the videos shorter I decided to make one with the While and Do While Loop. Part II will have the For Loop, Enhanced For Loop...

What's New in Lighthouse 6.0 – May 19 – Today we're releasing Lighthouse 6.0! Lighthouse is an automated website auditing tool that helps developers with opportunities and diagnostics to improve the user experience of their sites. It's available in Chrome DevTools, npm (as a Node module...

Static Web Apps - First Look – May 18, 8:10 PM – Let's start with a story that many of you are familiar with ... you're building a web app. You chose your favorite framework. Maybe React or Angular or Vue or even Svelte. Your company wants to deploy the web app and reach millions of people.

Announcing IoniConf 2020

Ionic Framework – Mike Hartington – May 21, 8:41 AM – It's finally happening! The moment that's been talked about, questioned, speculated, humbly requested, not so humbly requested, and otherwise called for by many a community member ...the first-ever Ionic conference. You heard it right, folks.

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