Around the Web – 20200619

Brett M. Nelson - Friday, June 19, 2020

And now for somethings to read (or watch) over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is.

Opinion | Why Juneteenth Matters

The New York Times – Jamelle Bouie – Jun 18, 4:10 PM – Neither Abraham Lincoln nor the Republican Party freed the slaves. They helped set freedom in motion and eventually codified it into law with the 13th Amendment, but they were not themselves responsible for the end of slavery. They were not the...

SFignore: Visual Studio Code Extension for .forceignore files

Todd Halfpenny – todd – Jun 16, 1:08 AM – Last week I published another SFDX plugin, sfignore. This plugin is designed to help Salesforce developers with the (ever so slightly pedantic).forceignore file. And now, to make developers workflow even more seamless I've published the SFignore...

Stateless Apex Intents – Our goals on Salesforce often conflict – we want: Simplicity – so business requirements can evolve Fault tolerance – to focus our effort on solutions rather than problems Performance – to squeeze more DML and callouts...

Introduction to SFDX and VSCode for Admins

Salesforce Ben – Paul Ginsberg – Jun 16, 11:27 PM – I'm a confirmed Administrator.* I love being an admin with all my heart and soul, but I know that point and click isn't always the quickest way to perform some admin tasks, especially when you need to do something quickly, repeatedly, and at scale.

5 simple changes that will make you a better JavaScript developer

Medium – Liam Hall – Jun 17, 9:58 AM – One of the beautiful things about programming is that there are hundreds of different roads to the same destination. Everyone has their own style and everyone has their own preferences. Whatever your style or preference though, there are some...

What is Developer Experience (DX)?

CSS-Tricks – Jun 15, 4:31 PM – Developer Experience¹ is a term² that has one somewhat obvious meaning — the experience of developers — but it eludes definition in the sense that people invoke it at different times for different reasons referring to...

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