Around the Web – 20170714

Around the Web – 20170714

Brett M. Nelson - Friday, July 14, 2017

And now for somethings to read over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is.

Women: join the FIRST online Salesforce developer user group!

This year at TrailheaDX, I had the honor of bumping into Jessica Murphy and Rachel Watson at lunch! Both are admin-turned-developers in the Salesforce world, and both dream of helping support and inspire other women in this space too. Thus, the...

135: Some Wisdom in the Rambling

In this episode, we discuss Jeremy's experiences after attending TrailheaDX and explore various points of view on the future of working with the platform.

The Ultimate Guide to Report Types

Understanding how to create data sets in Salesforce is key to creating accurate reports. The data you and your users want to report on is not always stored in records from a single object. Many times you will need to join data together from various...

Build a Cat Rescue App That Recognizes Cat Breeds

Build a Cat Rescue App That Recognizes Cat Breeds Use Apex, Lightning components, and Einstein Vision to recognize and classify cat images.

App Development with Salesforce DX

App Development with Salesforce DX Use the Salesforce command-line interface to create, convert, and deploy apps.

Please share the link to your profile in the Success Community NYC User Group with Special Guest Chris Duarte from Team Trailhead! Please log in to view event details Please join us on Thursday, July 27th at 6 PM at Silverline with Special Guest...

Summer '17 Release Highlights

Please share the link to your profile in the Success Community Join us on Thursday, July 20th, 2017 where we will cover the coolest features now available in the Summer '17 Salesforce release including new features available in: We will also learn...

Salesforce Trust Notifications - Get Notified When It Matters

Salesforce's entire business is built on trust and security, with over 150,000 businesses trust Salesforce to safeguard their data in the cloud. A few days ago Salesforce announced the newest feature to our Trust status site: Trust Notifications.

Episode 37 — Almost Missed It

More rambling! A discussion of various topics, some are even related to Salesforce.

Building your Community Presence with Daniel Peter - Salesforce Admins

Today on the Salesforce Admins Podcast we're speaking with Daniel Peter, Lead Engineer at Kenandy and Salesforce MVP. If you've looked at anything Salesforce-related on Twitter, you've probably come across something Daniel posted, and we got a...

Introducing npx: an npm package runner - Kat Marchán

Those of you upgrading npm to its latest version, npm@5.2.0, might notice that it installs a new binary alongside the usual npm: npx. npx is a tool intended to help round out the experience of using packages from the npm...

Showing a context sensitive pop-up in Classic & Lightning Experience detail pages

Last week I was exploring the options to show a context sensitive pop-up in record detail pages. The pop-up needed to use the sObject name of the record that was being visualised in the detail page. I wanted this functionality to be available in...

Amazon's Cloud Is Fueling Salesforce From Canada

As promised, Salesforce's business software is now running live on Amazon Web Services' Canadian data facilities near Montreal. Salesforce (crm), which has previously run its software from data centers it manages, late last year said the software...

WizardCast New and Improved with John Graf

Podcast (wizardcast): Play in new window John Graf was the co-host behind the Nerdforce podcast, a series with Nana Gregg that talked about salesforce and all things nerds. John escapes from Brian's basement to talk about his new podcast the Cloud...

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