Around the Web – 20180202

And now for somethings to read over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is.

162: A Swig of Butts

In this episode, we discuss Marc Benioff's comments on regulating social media, Larry Ellison's comments on outcompeting Salesforce in SaaS, using namespaces, and collecting debug logs for unauthenticated site users.

Salesforce development plugins, part 1 — Illuminated Cloud

Today we’re starting a 2-part series of guest posts from the creators of IntelliJ IDEA plugins for Salesforce (or developers. The plugins are Illuminated Cloud 2 and JetForcer.

The Humble Book Bundle: Mobile App Development by Packt

It's time to apply yourself. Hone your mobile app development skills with our new bundle from Packt! Add a sweet stack of knowledge to your digital library with titles like Mastering iOS 11 Programming, Android Development with Kotlin, React and React Native, and lots more. Plus, learn from a selection of videos including iOS 11 Programming with Swift, Mastering Kotlin for Android Development, and five more courses of over two hours each.

Progressive web apps

Progressive web apps take traditional web sites/applications — with all of the advantages the web brings — and adds a number of features  that give them the many of the same user experience advantages as native apps. This set of docs tells you all you need to know.

Developing the Star Wars opening crawl in HTML/CSS

The DEV Community – Even though Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a divisive movie (which is not the point of this article, I promise), it inspired me to develop the most useless thing of all: the franchise's famous opening crawl using solely HTML, CSS and a little bit of…

Humble Book Bundle: Sous Geek Cookbooks

Humble Day of the Devs Bundle 2017 – Get ebooks collectively valued at up to $414. Name your price of $1 or more and increase your contribution to upgrade your bundle. Download these ebooks onto your favorite reading device to peruse anywhere, anytime. These ebooks come in multiple…

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