ASP.NET 5 - Installing Beta7

Brett M. Nelson - Wednesday, September 16, 2015

ASP.NET Beta7 was anounced earlier this month. In the announcement it says to go download the beta7 version (14.0.60831.0) of ASP.NET and Web Tools 2015.

Now if you're like me you see the big old Download button.

Download Button

And you click it because you just want to get the install and move on. Unfortunately if you do this you will miss the instructions since the download choices now cover all the text you, or I, didn't read originally.

Download Choices

So here's the things to know.

If you are on a 64 bit machine get DotNetVersionManager-x64.msi. If you are on a 32 bit machine get DotNetVersionManager-x86.msi

To update your Visual Studios 2015 get WebToolsExtensionsVS14.msi. If you are using Visual Studios 2015 Express for Web get WebToolsExtensionsVWD14.msi

It's all stated in the Install Instructions, I just missed it. Instructions

What About the Other 24 Downloads?!?

The rest of the Downloads are language packs so, unless you usually get language packs, you can ignore them.

Hopefully this helps make installing ASP,NET a little smoother experience for you.