Azure Web App Extensions Hide and Seek

Azure Loading Screen

The other day while trying to make a change to one of my sites on Azure using the Preview portal I could not find the extensions under all settings.

Usually after login in and going to my Web App I would go to All settings ->

All settings

scroll to the bottom and find the extensions there. This time though, Extensions was missing. (dun dun dunnnn)

Settings missing Extensions

Now how was I going to use the Visual Studio Online "Monaco" editor to make changes to my site, while it's running in production (Protip: Don't edit your code in production)?

Well I looked around some and tried some buttons out because it's not like I'm going to stop and read the manual (or update email I may have ignored.)

At the top of the menu for the Web App there is a group of buttons and one of them is Tools.

Web App Buttons

It brings up the Tools menu (I know it surprised me too.) In the Tools menu at the bottom I found the Extensions menu button.

Tools Menu with Extensions

Now I could access my long lost extensions and start live coding (because live coding means in production, right?)

Tools Menu with Extensions

Something Else

One thing I did notice (besides moving my cheese) the Azure team organized menus into sections.

Setting Menu with Section Headers

So that's neat if you like things grouped together that have some sort of commonality.