Big Sky Dreamin’ 2018

Big Sky Dreamin’ 2018

Big Sky Dreamin’ 2018

Brett M. Nelson - Monday, August 6, 2018

Last month I spent some time over in Montana for Big Sky Dreamin' 2018!

This was the first year for the Bozeman based community event and it went really well.

They had great presentations from around the community.

Here's a few of them:

Open Keynote with Peter Coffee

Developer Tools with Zayne Turner

Developer Keynote: How Innovators Build with Zayne Turner

ABCs of Community Cloud: Audience Targeting, Bolt Building, and Community Builder with Phil Weinmeister

Develop For Changing Requirements With Custom Metadata Types with Daniel Hoechst

While there I had the honor to present on PWAs with Salesforce. bellow is the description followed by the slides and a link to the code.

Progressive Web Apps and Salesforce

Progressive Web Apps, often shortened to PWAs, are a hot new set of buzzwords but aside from sounding fancy what do they mean for you? The concept of a Progressive Web App could be described as a bridge between traditional website and a native application.We’ll take a look at what makes a Progressive Web App, and how to use those features with Salesforce.

Slides: BSD18 PWA && Salesforce

Code: (this is the same repository I used previously so I should consider changing my naming conventions :))

That's it for now.

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