Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6 and ECMAScript 6

Did you realize it’s possible to write and use ECMAScript 6 (ES6) today? Projects like Traceur and Babel make it possible to write JavaScript as described by the ES6 standard and use a transpiler to compile it to the JavaScript you may know and love (or hate) of today. Transpilers typically take the source of […]

Angular Directive to wrap a jQuery plugin

The other day at work I started working on a project that had made heavy use of a jQuery plugin for masking date inputs. I was re-implementing some things with Angular and had to maintain the same behavior that the users had come to expect as the norm. There were strange issues with how the […]

console.log(“Hello World”);

Thought I would start this off with introducing myself. My name is Brett and I am a software developer in Minnesota with experience in the .Net web stack and a few JavaScript libraries. I thought I would expand my learnings of Microsoft’s technology on the server side and tools for use on the client side […]