Dreamforce 2016 Recap

Dreamforce 2016 Recap

Brett M. Nelson - Friday, October 14, 2016

Last week I spent 4 days in San Francisco for the annual Salesforce.com (lets call it SFDC from this point on) conference called Dreamforce. If you follow SFDC things you've probably heard of it. If you don't follow SFDC things you may have heard of it too.


I went to present Introduction to ECMAScript 6 and I think it went pretty well. Hopefully the video will be available shortly so I can share it. Sample code for the presentation is available on GitHub.com/BrettMN.

Salesforce DX

While there I did see them announcement of Salesforce DX a developer tooling system for deploying to a Salesforce org. It looks promising but the pilot program wont even start till next year at the earliest. Some of the highlights for Salesforce DX include:

They mentioned being able to create a working config file, to create scratch orgs, by getting the settings from a current org was in the works but did not have a timeline.


Another developer related thing I saw there that was interesting was the new Mavensmate desktop app and Visual Studio Code plugin. It's currently in beta but some of the features they demonstrated were pretty neat.

Good Day Sir! Podcast

One night I met up with some of the other listeners of the Good Day Sir! Podcast. They were all great people and I think we should do it again sometime.

On a side note if you are looking to a podcast to listen to I would definitely recommend you checkout the Good Day Sir! Podcast as Jeremy and John are entertaining and insightful on a broad range of topics.

The Real Question

But after spending 4 days on the Holy SFDC Dreamforce pilgrimage I do have one question I did not get an answer to.

Awesome Admin! Clappers and Flags!

How come there are no Clappers and Flags for developers?

If you know please let me know by leaving a comment below or emailing brett@wipdeveloper.com. Any insight would be Awesome!