Heading to Texas Dreamin'

Hey there! How are things going? I just wanted to make a quick announcement, I am going to take a quick trip down I351 to Austin Texas for Texas Dreamin' May 11th and 12th!

Talks by Others

The scheduled hasn't been announced yet but I hear there will be talks by:

I am sure there will be other speakers but I'm getting tired of looking through twitter for speakers :)

Shameless Self Promotion

Oh yeah, not only will I be attending but the good folks organizing have selected me to present Introduction to ECMAScript 2015+ and Angular, Visualforce, and You! So if you have been thinking about tipping your toes into some of the newer features waters of JavaScript or just dying to try Angular2 in a Salesforce environment maybe you should register now.

That is All

If you are going to be there what are you interested in seeing? Drop me a note at brett@wipdeveloper.com or by leaving a comment below.

  1. Ok, so maybe I wont take I35 since it will be a lot quicker to fly.
  2. Angular aka the framework formerly known as Angular 2