Hurricane Harvey and Other Natural Disasters

Last week I spent time helping with the recovery from Hurricane Harvey in Houston Texas.  I went with a team of 15 others from my Crossroads Church to assist with mucking and gutting houses.


The areas we worked in were either flooded when water was released from the local dams (ref: Houston Floodwaters Rise as 2 Dams and Levee Overflow) or, in North Rosenberg, the river over flowed from the bank.

In North Rosenberg we assisted an organization called the Friends of North Rosenberg.  They don't specialize in disaster recovery, they focus on "Strengthening North Rosenberg through spiritual growth, education, revitalization and basic needs."  As a local community organization they could use any donations made on their Facebook page to improve local conditions.

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Most of our efforts was coordinated though Merge Ministries around the rest of Houston.

Other Disasters

This was of course shortly after Hurricane Irma hit.  And while we were in Houston an earth quake hit Mexico city and Hurricane Maria slammed Puerto Rico.

If you are in a position to help out, please do so.

Hurricane Maria Children's Relief Fund

Hurricane Maria Disaster Relief

Mexico Earthquake Relief

Hurricane Irma Disaster Relief

Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief

Friends of North Rosenberg

Merge Ministries

Anything you can give could make a difference.


For the organizations that supported us, either knowingly with beer water or unknowingly with t-shirts, hats, and hand sanitizer.

Beer Water

Beer Water