Introducing Tools

Introducing Tools

Introducing Tools

Brett M. Nelson - Wednesday, March 7, 2018

[videopress jrduU1o8]

Hello this Brett with Want to introduce a Chrome extension that I created Tools.

Duplicate Tab

It offers some functionalities like the duplicate time which is the same functionality as by clicking and choosing duplicate tab. Excepts now if you have a whole bunch of tabs open you don't risk closing out your existing tab you're trying to duplicate. Because the best solution for having too many tabs open is to duplicate the one you currently have.

Forum Fix

There is also the form fix. I've written a blog post about this but rather than having to go through the URL and editing it manually I thought it would be easy to make it a button click thing. Here is an example I searched for something and I found this link here. If I open this link it's going to take me to the page and if you saw it briefly. Let's do it again. The articles loads and then it's replaced by the All Questions layout. We can either delete this portion of the URL or with the plugin we can just do this one fix and it'll reload the page without a portion of the URL.

Open Setup

Other things that it does is in Salesforce we can open Classic Setup or Lightning Setup and it doesn't matter what is our current view. So right now and the Lightning Experience we can go open the Classic Setup and we have the Classic Setup for those times when you just need to access things through the Classic Setup. Now we are in classic though we might want to ask us something in the lighting setup and we can use the Lightning set up option and load lightning even is we are in a classic org provided that it is no settings preventing us from doing that.

Dev Console

The last thing that it can do is rather than opening the Developer Console using the menu. You can open a Developer Console and it doesn't open in a new window without the navigation bar it opens it in a new tab. So if you don't necessarily like having the Developer Console the window this might be

That is it, you can get the tools in the chrome Web store Tools.

That's it for now.

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