LWC - First Look - Create SFDX Project

LWC - First Look - Create SFDX Project

LWC - First Look - Create SFDX Project

Brett M. Nelson - Thursday, December 27, 2018

Hello, this is Brett with WIPDeveloper.com. Today we are going to create our first SFDX Project to use when creating our Lightning Web Components.

Create a Project

With Visual Studio Code open use the command pallet by pressing cmd+shift+p, or ctrl+shift+p on Windows. See a list of available SFDX commands by typing SFDX. Since I didn't start with a folder or project open my available SFDX commands are:

It should look similar to this:

SFDX Commands in VS Code

We will use SFDX Create Project for now. We can either type the whole command or select it from the list.

Once we select the command it will ask us to name our project. I will be using lwc-first-look feel free to pick something that feels good for you.

With a name selected we will be prompted on where to create the project. Browse to a directory and press the Create Project button. This will create our project folder with the name we gave it in the directory we selected.

With our project created we will be able to create a scratch org to deploy our code to so that we can see it in action.

That’s it for now.

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