If you have been wondering about how to get dedicated function keys set for your IDE/text editor of choice.  Here’s a little Gem I found the other day with some help from Jeremy Ross.

The Issue

I’ve been using IntelliJ IDEA with Illuminated Cloud 2 and some of the key combinations are 3 or 4 simultaneous presses one of witch could be a function key (f1-f12).  This makes it a total of up to 5 keys I would need to press at once… and I can’t remember that many at a time so.  I decided to try an remove a key.

So to speak since technically the Touch bar has no keys.

Default Touch Bar

Default Touch Bar 

I had heard about BetterTouchTool and gave it a try but I was not able to choose the default function keys.  I could recreate them but the spacing was off and it seemed like a lot of work.

The Solution:

I ended up finding that you are able to assign the function keys to specific programs in the settings.  To do this:

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Then open Keyboard
  3. Choose the Shortcuts tab
  4. Select Function Keys on the right hand side
  5. Use the + to add programs that will use the function keys

I added 3 programs so far so it looks like this:

Programs that default to Function KeysPrograms that default to Function Keys

Function Keys

Function Keys

Now my IDEs show function keys and I can still pull up the other Touch Bar short cuts by holding the fn key…. I probably wont be doing that too much though.


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