Midwest Dreaming - Salesforce Mobile SDK and Ionic Framework

Midwest Dreaming - Salesforce Mobile SDK and Ionic Framework

Brett M. Nelson - Thursday, August 10, 2017

At Midwest Dreaming I will present/presented on the topic of Salesforce Mobile SDK and Ionic Framework.  Here you will find the source code, any questions that I may have missed and had to look up later and maybe even a slide or 2 after I make sure that's ok to share.

Source Code

Source code can be found on Github at Github.com/BrettMN/midwest-dreamin-demo-app.


Coming Soon!

Video of Creating Working Project

Here is the video that was part of the presentation of getting a project created with the Salesforce Mobile SDK working with the Ionic Framework.  It's at 4 times speed.

[videopress klYdYE4t]

Unanswered Questions

I think there may have been a few more questions I did not have answers too.  If you were there and would be so kind to remind me or if you have one of your own please let me know in a comment bellow or through email/twitter.


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