At Midwest Dreaming I will present/presented on the topic of Salesforce Mobile SDK and Ionic Framework.  Here you will find the source code, any questions that I may have missed and had to look up later and maybe even a slide or 2 after I make sure that’s ok to share.

Source Code

Source code can be found on Github at


Coming Soon!

Video of Creating Working Project

Here is the video that was part of the presentation of getting a project created with the Salesforce Mobile SDK working with the Ionic Framework.  It’s at 4 times speed.

Unanswered Questions

  • Does using the Salesforce Mobile SDK count against API limits.
    • If you are creating a local hybrid app yes it does.
    • If you create a remote hybrid app you can use remote actions and it does not.

I think there may have been a few more questions I did not have answers too.  If you were there and would be so kind to remind me or if you have one of your own please let me know in a comment bellow or through email/twitter.


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