ASP.NET 5 MVC Controllers: Controllers

This is the second post about ASP.NET MCV and Web API Controllers. If you missed the first post feel free to take the time to go back and read ASP.NET 5 MVC Controllers: Setup. All that work and it still wont run So now that we have the bare minimum set up we can actually […]

ASP.NET 5 MVC Controllers: Setup

Previous versions of ASP.NET MVC and Web API had 2 different kinds of controllers. One was the “C” in MVC and the other was the controller that was the endpoint for Web API. While they both performed similar functions and had access to similar features they were actually two different beasts. That all changes with […]

jspm err Error locating github:…

While trying to install some files through jspm the other day I kept receiving an error. Oh noes! E:WorkspaceCurrentProject>jspm install Looking up npm:font-awesome Downloading npm:font-awesome@4.3.0 err Error locating github:aurelia/framework. warn Installation changes not saved. Naturally, I tried a few more times to see if it might work. It wouldn’t, of course, but the project that […]

Updating Aurelia

The other day a new version of the ‘pre-alpha’ client framework Aurelia was released. It was accompanied by a blog post at It contained a section titled “How to Update” that described the steps to update your current Aurelia app to the current version. The update steps all work great but it might need […]

Visual Studio Open Command Line Extension

When working in Visual Studios it sometimes becomes required to open the command line in your current folder structure. While it’s possible to Window + X choose command prompt and cd your way to your current project; wouldn’t it just be easier if you could get there straight from Visual Studio?   (And right clicking […]

ASP.NET 5 and Static Files

Things are changing on the web in the Microsoft world. ASP.NET 5 uses a different approach to static files than previous iterations. While before the root of your project was the root of your website that is now not the case. Which Root is Root In this post we will walk through setting up an […]