June '23 Minnesota Salesforce Developer Group Recap

June '23 Minnesota Salesforce Developer Group Recap
Brett M. Nelson - Thursday, July 6, 2023

June '23 Minnesota Salesforce Developer Group Recap

Last month we had a little recap of the Summer '23 Release notes. The following were items we covered.



Lightning Web Security (LWS) for Aura components is generally available. This is part of the process to replace Lighting Locker

Applies to all existing and new LWCs and Aura Components

Light DOM

Lightning web components render in shadow DOM by default, providing strong encapsulation but posing challenges for global styling and many third-party integrations. With light DOM, your component markup is attached to the host element instead of its shadow tree. You can then access it like any other content in the document host.


RefreshView API’s detailed control of refresh scope lets developers create refined user experiences while maintaining backward compatibility.

Sets are Iterable

The Set class now implements the Iterable interface, so you can directly iterate over sets. Both sets and lists are iterable, allowing for more code reuse.

Set<String> letters = new Set<String>{'a','b','c','d'};
System.debug(String.join(letters, '...'));

SOQL Child Transversal updated to a depth of 5 (via API only, ain’t no APEX)

SOQL now supports relationship queries that traverse up to five levels of parent-child records. Use a single SOQL query to get parent-child records from five different levels. This ability is limited to SOQL queries via the REST and SOAP query calls on standards and custom objects.

    (SELECT LastName,
        (SELECT AssetLevel,
            (SELECT Description,
                (SELECT LineItemNumber FROM WorkOrderLineItems)    
            FROM WorkOrders)    
        FROM Assets)    
    FROM Contacts)    
FROM Account


Save your users time by decluttering the actions in the highlights panel and adding quick actions directly on related lists. Your users can create related records for items in the list without leaving the page. Or they can select up to 100 records in the related list and perform mass updates instead of single record updates.

Thank you for everyone who came.

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