Lunch N' Learn


What is a Lunch N’ Learn?

You may be wondering what a Lunch N’ Learn is, it’s like a webinar but I don’t feel like using that word. 🙂

Do you have to eat lunch?

Nope, you could eat Dinner or a snack or nothing at all.

What if I can’t make it?

This will be recorded and made available through

Why do I need to “buy” this?

The Lunch N’ Learn has limited “seats” so it’s how I can track how many views need a login.

Wheres the link?

The link will be emailed to you once you complete the free purchase.

Can more than one person use a link?

Please don’t share the link.  As I don’t want to have to use passwords for viewers and seats are limited.

But I want to watch it with a friend!

Can you both use the same screen and speakers?  If yes, Great!  Feel free to watch it together on the same device.

Will this add me to your mailing list?

Only if you check the little box next to the words.  I will not be emailing you outside of this webinar unless you check the box.

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