Quick Look @ Angular Part IV - Updating Angular-CLI

Quick Look @ Angular Part IV - Updating Angular-CLI

Brett M. Nelson - Monday, February 27, 2017

Part IV - Update Angular-CLI

Lets see, up to now we have created a simple app, added a component and added a service. And I was planning on creating a component to add new tasks but there's a new release of the Angular-CLi, so lets update it.

Before I could move on to adding the new component I updated my Angular-CLI so I included it here.

Update Angular-CLI

A new release of the Angular-CLI is out since we started so let uninstall the old one globally and re-install it.

Reinstall Globally with NPM

npm uninstall -g angular-cli @angular/cli npm cache clean npm install -g @angular/cli@latest

Now lets update the copy in our developer environment:

Update Dev Environment

npm install --save-dev @angular/cli@latest

Now if I run ng serve I get the following message in my terminal:

Update the angular-cli.json Warning

Environment configuration does not contain "environmentSource" entry.

A new environmentSource entry replaces the previous source entry inside environments.

To migrate angular-cli.json follow the example below:


"environments": { "source": "environments/environment.ts", "dev": "environments/environment.ts", "prod": "environments/environment.prod.ts" }


"environmentSource": "environments/environment.ts", "environments": { "dev": "environments/environment.ts", "prod": "environments/environment.prod.ts" }

So lets update our angular-cli.json. What I did us move line 26 to after line 24 making it the new line 25 and change the source to environmentSource.

Now ng serve works fine :)

ng serve in Action

PS D:\quick-look\ng-quick-look> ng serve ** NG Live Development Server is running on http://localhost:4200 ** Hash: b0278f0cc9b3aaad3693 Time: 13872ms chunk {0} polyfills.bundle.js, polyfills.bundle.js.map (polyfills) 153 kB {4} [initial] [rendered] chunk {1} main.bundle.js, main.bundle.js.map (main) 13 kB {3} [initial] [rendered] chunk {2} styles.bundle.js, styles.bundle.js.map (styles) 9.77 kB {4} [initial] [rendered] chunk {3} vendor.bundle.js, vendor.bundle.js.map (vendor) 2.99 MB [initial] [rendered] chunk {4} inline.bundle.js, inline.bundle.js.map (inline) 0 bytes [entry] [rendered] webpack: Compiled successfully.

Next we can add a new component to make use of the service we created last time.


Code can be found at Github/BrettMN/quick-look

Update Complete

Did you have any issues updating your project? Let me know by leaving a comment below or emailing brett@wipdeveloper.com.