Saleforce Mobile SDK and Ionic - Query Contacts

Saleforce Mobile SDK and Ionic - Query Contacts

Saleforce Mobile SDK and Ionic - Query Contacts

Brett M. Nelson - Monday, July 17, 2017

Now that we have a provider called contacts-service.ts and our app is freshly updated lets use ForceJS to query for the contacts to display on our Contacts page.

Create a Query

Like when we added our user query to the Home page to verify things were set up we will need to import ForceJs into the ContactsServiceProvider class.  So let's open up  src/providers/contacts-service/contacts-service.ts and get started.

Original contacts-service.ts

import { Injectable } from '@angular/core'; import { Http } from '@angular/http'; import 'rxjs/add/operator/map';

/* Generated class for the ContactsServiceProvider provider.

See for more info on providers and Angular DI. */ @Injectable() export class ContactsServiceProvider {

constructor(public http: Http) { console.log('Hello ContactsServiceProvider Provider'); }


Above is the complete contacts-service.ts just so you know what we start with.  I am going to be removing the import of Http since we will be using ForceJS and the Salesforce Mobile SDK to handle communication with Salesforce.   So feel fee to delete it at line 2 and where it is injected to the constructor at line 15.

Now let's add an import of OAuth and DataService from 'forcejs' , I will do it at line 5 but feel free to add at line 2 or 4 or where ever.

Then let's create a method named loadContacts.  In case you are wondering we will use this method to get an instance of the oAuth to login with, then create an instance of the dataService that we can use the query method of to get data from Salesforce.  If will look something like this:

loadContacts Method

loadContacts(){ let oauth = OAuth.createInstance();

return oauth.login() .then(oauthResult => { let service = DataService.createInstance(oauthResult);

  return service.query('SELECT Id, Name FROM Contact LIMIT 50');




With this method in place lets update our Contacts page component and html template next time.

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