Saleforce Mobile SDK and Ionic - Update Mobile SDK

Saleforce Mobile SDK and Ionic - Update Mobile SDK

Saleforce Mobile SDK and Ionic - Update Mobile SDK

Brett M. Nelson - Thursday, July 13, 2017

The other day they released a new update for the Salesforce Mobile SDK.   Let' take a look at what it takes to update versions.

Install Updated Forcedroid

First thing we should do is upgrade our Forcedroid by using NPM .

Upgrade Forcedroid Command

PS D:\Workspace\Blog\salesforce\ionic\ionicContacts> npm install forcedroid -g C:\Users\brettmn\AppData\Roaming\npm\forcedroid -> C:\Users\brettmn\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\forcedroid\forcedroid.js

Now is the fun part of working with the Salesforce Mobile SDK.

Create a New Forcedroid App

We can't do an in-place upgrade of the our app with the Salesforce Mobile SDK plugin installed so we will have to create a new app.

forcedroid create --apptype=hybrid_local --appname=contacts --packagename=com.wipdeveloper.contacts --organization="WIP" --outputdir=ionicContacts-updated

PS D:\Workspace\Blog\salesforce\ionic> forcedroid create --apptype=hybrid_local --appname=contacts --packagename=com.wipdeveloper.contacts --organization="WIP" --outputdir=ionicContacts-updated

******************************************************************************** * * Creating android hybrid_local application using Salesforce Mobile SDK * with app name: contacts * package name: com.wipdeveloper.contacts * organization: WIP * * in: ionicContacts-updated * * from template repo: * template path: HybridLocalTemplate * plugin repo: * ********************************************************************************

Creating a new cordova project. D:\Workspace\Blog\salesforce\ionic\ionicContacts-updated D:\Workspace\Blog\salesforce\ionic

Adding cordova-plugin-whitelist to package.json Saved plugin info for "cordova-plugin-whitelist" to config.xml --save flag or autosave detected Saving android@~6.2.3 into config.xml file ... D:\Workspace\Blog\salesforce\ionic D:\Workspace\Blog\salesforce\ionic\ionicContacts-updated D:\Workspace\Blog\salesforce\ionic Installing "com.salesforce" for android Plugin dependency "cordova-plugin-whitelist@1.3.2" already fetched, using that version. Dependent plugin "cordova-plugin-whitelist" already installed on android. Installing "cordova-plugin-device" for android Installing "phonegap-plugin-push" for android Subproject Path: CordovaLib --force is used. edit-config will overwrite conflicts if any. Conflicting plugins may not work as expected. Running SalesforceMobileSDK plugin android post-install script Moving Salesforce libraries to the correct location Fixing Gradle dependency paths in Salesforce libraries Fixing root level Gradle file for the generated app include ":SalesforceAnalytics"

include ":SalesforceSDK"

include ":SmartStore"

include ":SmartSync"

include ":SalesforceHybrid"

Moving Gradle wrapper files to application directory Fixing application build.gradle Done running SalesforceMobileSDK plugin android post-install script Adding com.salesforce to package.json Saved plugin info for "com.salesforce" to config.xml D:\Workspace\Blog\salesforce\ionic D:\Workspace\Blog\salesforce\ionic\ionicContacts-updated\www D:\Workspace\Blog\salesforce\ionic npm notice created a lockfile as package-lock.json. You should commit this file. up to date in 0.92s mv: no such file or directory: node_modules/SalesforceMobileSDK-Shared/libs/force.js mv: no such file or directory: node_modules/ratchet/dist/css/ratchet.min.css mv: no such file or directory: node_modules/ratchet/dist/css/ratchet-theme-android.min.css D:\Workspace\Blog\salesforce\ionic D:\Workspace\Blog\salesforce\ionic\ionicContacts-updated D:\Workspace\Blog\salesforce\ionic D:\Workspace\Blog\salesforce\ionic

******************************************************************************** * * Next steps: * * Your application project is ready in ionicContacts-updated. * To use your new application in Android Studio, do the following: * - open ionicContacts-updated\platforms\android in Android Studio * - build and run * Before you ship, make sure to plug your OAuth Client ID and Callback URI, and OAuth Scopes into ionicContacts-updated\www\bootconfig.json * ********************************************************************************

PS D:\Workspace\Blog\salesforce\ionic>

From this point on we will do almost the same steps as we did when we first set up our app except instead of copying from a new Ionic App we will copy from the app we want to update.

Steps can be found in the following posts:

Build It

Ok, maybe build it is a little early but after you run npm install you should be able to run ionic-app-scripts build && cordova prepare and open it up in Android Studio

ionic-app-scripts build && cordova prepare

PS D:\Workspace\Blog\salesforce\ionic\ionicContacts-updated> npm run dev

com.wipdeveloper.ioniccontacts@1.0.0 dev D:\Workspace\Blog\salesforce\ionic\ionicContacts-updated ionic-app-scripts build && cordova prepare

[00:04:27] ionic-app-scripts 1.3.12 [00:04:27] build dev started ... [00:04:27] clean started ... [00:04:27] clean finished in 5 ms [00:04:27] copy started ... [00:04:27] transpile started ... [00:04:29] transpile finished in 2.31 s [00:04:29] preprocess started ... [00:04:29] deeplinks started ... [00:04:29] deeplinks finished in 39 ms [00:04:29] preprocess finished in 41 ms [00:04:29] webpack started ... [00:04:29] copy finished in 2.50 s [00:04:36] webpack finished in 7.49 s [00:04:36] sass started ... [00:04:37] sass finished in 885 ms [00:04:37] postprocess started ... [00:04:37] postprocess finished in 4 ms [00:04:37] lint started ... [00:04:37] build dev finished in 10.76 s [00:04:48] lint finished in 11.13 s PS D:\Workspace\Blog\salesforce\ionic\ionicContacts-updated>

If you followed along with adding a service before this you may need to remove some references to HTTP in the src/providers/contacts-service/contacts-service.ts to get rid of a error about no HTTP provider.

Now open it in Android Studio and run it

Run It

Run It


With our our app updated we will be able to get back to our regularly scheduled posts.

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