Previously we ran our Remote Hybrid app and it had all the functions of our Local Hybrid app but something didn’t look quite right.  The styling was off!  Let’s take a quick look and see what may have caused this.

The Issue

If you look at our current Remote Hybrid app it’s a little off from the styling we would/should expect when using the Ionic Framework.

Current Remote Hybrid App

Current Remote Hybrid App

The Fix

This is being caused by Salesforce.  When we set up our Visualforce page we did not include the standardStylesheets attribute with a value of false.  If we update our apex:page tag to include this:

Updated apex:page


We should be able to reload our app and see the styles update.

Updated Remote Hybrid App

Updated Remote Hybrid App


As you can see one of the effects of a Remote Hybrid app is that we can cause changes to the app from Salesforce.

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