SF DG MN - Salesforce DX

SF DG MN - Salesforce DX
Brett M. Nelson - Thursday, August 3, 2017

I have/had the honor of presenting at the Minnesota Salesforce Developer Group in Salesforce DX.

More info about the meeting can be found at Salesforce DX and developing with security in mind.

It was a great time, with wonderful presentations about TrailheaDX by James Loghry and Developing with Security in Mind by Davin Leier and Barry Bakunowicz.



Here are the links that were on the last slide of the presentation.

​Sign up for Demo org

Trailhead: Get Started with Salesforce DX

Salesforce DX Setup Guide (Beta)

Salesforce CLI

​Cheat Sheet by @SNUGSFBay

Visual Studio Code Extension Pack for Salesforce DX

If installing from the Extension Menu in Visual Studio Code be sure to grab the correct one.

Visual Studio Code Extension Pack for Salesforce DX

Visual Studio Code Extension Pack for Salesforce DX

Unanswered Questions

  • What is the difference between Environment Hub and Developer Hub (Dev Hub)?
    • Environment Hub lets partners view, connect, create, and log in to multiple Salesforce organizations from one location. (source)
    • The Dev Hub allows users, Admin by default, create and manage scratch orgs from the command line and Lightning Experience. (source)
  • Can you disable the Dev Hub once it's enabled?
  • Can Sandbox Orgs be Dev Hubs?
    • No?  On the Salesforce DX page it says to turn on the Dev Hub in your Production or Business Org. (source)
  • Can you restrict Developers from using Salesforce DX on a Production Org?
    • By default the permissions to related to Salesforce DX are assigned to the System Administrator profile. (source)  These permisions can be assigned to non-System Administrators through permission sets. (source)
  • Is there a side effect of enabling the Dev Hub and not using it?
    • Aside from the System Administrators having something else to ignore I am unaware of any negative side effects of not using the Dev Hub features once they are enabled.  (no source)
  • When data is loaded from JSON files using force:data:tree:import does it maintain relationships?
    • Yes, this data can contain master-detail relationships. (source)


I'll try to add some more information later maybe

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