Star Wars Ahsoka

Lets take a moment to talk about something more important that software, Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars!

Ok, now that I have that out of my system lets narrow it down some.


Star Wars Ahsoka is about Anakin Skywalker's padawan (that's apprentice in Star Wars speak) who was originally introduced in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie. If you only watched the live action movies and skipped all this cartoon stuff, well you have been missing out.

Before the book takes place the last time Ahsoka was mentioned was the season 5 final of The Clone Wars called The Wrong Jedi. It was the culmination of a story ark where Ahsoka was accused of a crime and ended with her walking away from the Jedi Order. When Season 6: The Lost Missions was no closure for Ahsoka's story and some fans might have considered it a great in justice for such a great character to die off screen sometime between Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: A New Hope. At least that is what until she appeared in the Season 1 final of Star Wars Rebels Fire Across the Galaxy.

This of course left a 14(ish) year gap in the story of Ahsoka Tano and that is where this book takes place.

The Book

With out going into too much detail to avoid spoilers, Star Wars Ahsoka begins with Ahsoka maintaining a low profile, hiding from the Empire and just generally trying to get by. Through-out the book there are sections of flash backs that help fill in some missing details the reader wasn't present for like how she escaped Order 66, where her lightsabers are, and what skills could she uses to make a living without drawing imperial attention to herself.

There is also "foreshadowing" of the inquisitors, I say "foreshadowing" because if you already watch Star Wars Rebels you already have an understanding of them. And her attempts to assist people with out overtly using the force.

Issues that are addressed include:

  • Ahsoka guilt about being the only survivor of Order 66
  • Her transition from a lone individual on the run from the Empire to working with more organized groups
  • How she was lead to her role as Fulcrum

I listened to it on so while E. K. Johnston wrote a great book, Ashley Eckstein brought it to life with the voice of Ahsoka.

Was Star Wars Ahsoka the best Star Wars book? Maybe not but it's a good read, especially if you enjoy Star Wars stories in more places than a movie setting.

What do You Think?

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