Summer Update

The Site

I just thought I would give a summer update on the status of the There was a dry spell of posts while I was on vacation and then came back and had some difficulties updating the blog software I use. The issues have been worked out and shouldn't be a problem in the future. I'll probably write about the update process in the near future so I can refer back to it and to share the experience with others.

I have decided to start adding some customization to the site as well. Some of the changes you may like, others you might not. One of the more noticeable changes is the addition of ads. I've decided to try out Google AdSence for the time being. This may be temporary and I might be open to sponsored Ads if you or some one you know is interested.


I will be speaking at Minnesota Developers Conference 2015 September 30th. If you are in the area come by, see me talk about getting started with Aurelia and maybe watch some of the other talks.

Other Things

Hey it's a great time to do software development. Visual Studio 2015 was official released today and with it a whole slew of goodies came along for the ride. The ASP.NET Roadmap has been updated with the prospective time line that Has Beta6 shipping next week with 3 more versions before the end of the year.

All this and more make this an exciting time for software development with plenty of new things to learn about and explore.