Visualforce and Angular - Add Routing

Visualforce and Angular – Add Routing

Last time we styled our contact list with Bootstrap. Let’s try adding a second component to show the details of a contact when we select one from the list. Create New Component First thing we will need is to create a new component. In the src-ng folder use either the ng g component or the […]

Visualforce and Angular - Mocking @RemoteAction

Visualforce and Angular – Mocking @RemoteAction

Last time we talked about Visualforce with Angular we got Remote Actions working. This made it so we could get data from Salesforce but we could no longer develop locally. Let’s set up some mocking so we can still develop locally and make more rapid updates to our app. Begin Mocking In your Angular app […]

Visualforce and Angular - @RemoteAction in Action

Visualforce and Angular – @RemoteAction in Action

Since last time we added a component and a service we should probably make that server get some data. We will use the @RemoteActions we defined earlier for that. Add Controller Reference To use the @RemoteActions on ourTryAngularController controller we will need to tell the page what controller we are using. On your we […]

Around the Web – 20170331

And now for somethings to read over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is. Cost to Maintain a Salesforce Credential Here is an update to the fees for certification renew for Salesforce. It looks like it will top out at $300 a year and you will be able to get vouchers for […]