Quick Look @ Angular Part VI – Add Routing

Previously on => we created a simple app, added a component, added a service, updated your Angular-CLI and added a second component that used the service. Now Lets try adding routing. Update Routing In the beginning we created our little project with routing: Back when we made the app ng new ng-quick-look –routing This […]


Quick Look @ Angular Part V – Add New Component

If you’ve been following along you have created a simple app, added a component, added a service and updated your Angular-CLI. Now that we can show our list of tasks from the service, lets create a component to add new tasks. Create NewTaskComponent ng g component new-task And lets add it to our src/app/app.component.html: app.component.html […]


Quick Look @ Angular Part III – Create a Service

So far we have used the Angular-CLI to create a simple app and add a component but before we add a second component lets create a service. This will allow us to share information between our current component, TaskListComponent, and our future component tentatively named NewTaskComponent. This way when we get around to making our […]

Quick Look @ Angular

There seems to be some difficulty just trying out a modern Single Page Application framework. Gone are the day of adding a script tag to the page and doing simple binding syntax to just see how things could start to work. Remember? <div ng-app> <input type=”text” ng-model=”sometext”/> <h4>{{sometext}}</h4> </div> You Typed: {{someText}} Ah the “good […]