Around the Web – 20170901

And now for somethings to read over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is. Cars 3 While taking time off last week we took the kids to see Cars 3.  Yeah, a little late maybe but the kids loved it.  As an added bonus, the 3 year old figured out that Lightning […]

Cordova with Aureli CLI

Cordova with Aureli CLI

Previously we looked at using Aurelia with Cordova we had to use do some fancy footwork to get our Aurelia into the Cordova App. With the Aurelia-CLI Before you start you may want to get the latest of cordova and the aurelia-cli installed with npm install -g cordova aurelia-cli Setup Cordova Create your new Cordova […]

Aurelia Released and A New CLI

Recently Aurelia anounced it 1.0.0 release. This means it is no longer in Beta and they don’t foresee any breaking changes in the foreseeable future. Part of the announcement covers an introduction to the various ways that are possible to use Aurelia including: the new CLI with webpack JSPM NPM Bower & Github A bundled […]

Aurelia Bundling

If you have been playing around with Aurelia like I have you may reach a point where you would like to stop sending almost 3MB to load the simplest of sites. Well if you have reached that point you’re in luck. You can bundle your app! What is Bundling Bundling web assets is a method […]

Cordova – Single Page Application Setup

Last post we did a set up for using Aurelia with Apache Cordova. One thing we didn’t cover is that before you start your Single Page Application (spa) you should wait till the device is ready. Not waiting till it’s ready may cause errors to occur in your app. The deviceready Event It is possible […]

Cordova – Setting Up to Use Aurelia

We have looked at setting up Cordova and building and running on Android in Cordova – Intro and Cordova – Build Android lets take a look at how to use a single page application framework like Aurelia. Setup First we will need to create a new Cordova project like we did in Cordova – Intro. […]

MS Connect 2015 and Aurelia Beta

Hey how is everyone doing this week? This week is a short one for me do to the holidays here so I thought I would give any regular readers and update of what happened last week as it seemed a little busy. Microsoft First up is Microsoft. You may have heard they hosted a virtual […]

Minnesota Developers Conference 2015

This past week I had the honor of speaking at the Minnesota Developers Conference In Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. This was my first presentation and the sound quality could be better but if you are interested in learning about Aurelia feel free to watch the video. I will also include links to the slides and source […]