Visual Studio Code with MavensMate

At Dreamforce one of the sessions I was excited to see was the introduction of Mavensmate with Visual Studio Code (VS CODE). It was presented by Joseph Ferraro and David Helmer. I have been using MavensMate with Sublime and it was an ok experience but I missed some of the features of VS Code. With […]

Using Traceur On the Fly

Lets do a quick walk-through of using Traceur to run our ECMAScript 6 (ES6) as ECMAScript 5 for older browsers. This a companion article for Setting Up Babel CLI as we look through a few ways to transpile ES6 to ES5. If you look at the handy-dandy compatibility chart you’ll see that Traceur may not […]

Setting Up Babel CLI

Writing JavaScript with syntax defined in the ECMAScript 6 (ES6), ECMAScript 2016(ES2016) and eventually ECMAScript 2017 (and so on and so forth) to be used in currently browsers can require a little more work that just including a <script /> tag. While it may be possible to use features that are already implemented in some […]

Dreamforce 2016 Recap

Last week I spent 4 days in San Francisco for the annual (lets call it SFDC from this point on) conference called Dreamforce. If you follow SFDC things you’ve probably heard of it. If you don’t follow SFDC things you may have heard of it too. Presentation I went to present Introduction to ECMAScript […]

Heading to Dreamforce 2016

Hey guess what! I’m going to Dreamforce 2016 to present on JavaScript. My session is part of the developer track and titled Introduction to ECMAScript 6. What does this mean for you dear reader? Well I think it means that my little hiatus is going to have to come to an end as I prepare […]

Dreamforce 2016

At Dreamforce 2016 I presented Introduction to ECMAScript 6. This page is a list of resources related to that talk. Video The recorded video is also available on at Slides Because all talks need slides… [office src=”″ width=”476″ height=”288″] Download Slides Sample Code Sample Code is located at Transpilers Babel Setup Using […]