Introducing Tools

Introducing Tools

  Hello this Brett with Want to introduce a Chrome extension that I created Tools. Duplicate Tab It offers some functionalities like the duplicate time which is the same functionality as by clicking and choosing duplicate tab. Excepts now if you have a whole bunch of tabs open you don’t risk closing out […]

Azure Web App Extensions Hide and Seek

The other day while trying to make a change to one of my sites on Azure using the Preview portal I could not find the extensions under all settings. Usually after login in and going to my Web App I would go to All settings -> scroll to the bottom and find the extensions there. […]

Visual Studio Open Command Line Extension

When working in Visual Studios it sometimes becomes required to open the command line in your current folder structure. While it’s possible to Window + X choose command prompt and cd your way to your current project; wouldn’t it just be easier if you could get there straight from Visual Studio?   (And right clicking […]