Around the Web – 20170616

And now for somethings to read over the weekend, if you have some spare time that is. JavaScript snippet for uploading files to Salesforce as ContentVersion and sharing to record as ContentDocumentLink via jsforce and jquery. The “title” says it all.  A gist for uploading files to Salesforce with jsforce.  Thanks Doug Ayers! Announcing TypeScript 2.4 […]

Using ForceJS with Vue.js - Part IV - Event Hub

Using ForceJS with Vue.js – Part IV – Event Hub

Quick recap up to now we have done set up, queried Salesforce.com using ForceJS and ForceSever with Vue.js and created a service to make our calls to Salesforce.com more re-useable. Now let pass some data between 2 components using an even hub. Please Pass the Event… Hub We are going to create a new component […]

Using ForceJS with Vue.js

Using ForceJS with Vue.js

Lets take a momment to use some of what we learned about Vue.js and use it to make something with data from Salesforce.com. Two things we will be using that we haven’t talked about before are: ForceJS – “a micro-library that makes it easy to use the Salesforce REST APIs in JavaScript applications” ForceServer – […]