Cordova – Setting Up to Use Aurelia

We have looked at setting up Cordova and building and running on Android in Cordova – Intro and Cordova – Build Android lets take a look at how to use a single page application framework like Aurelia. Setup First we will need to create a new Cordova project like we did in Cordova – Intro. […]

TypeScript – Compile with Gulp

Some times you just want to make a few quick changes to your code and not have to wait for your full IDE to start-up. At those times you have have to use the command line to compile your TypeScript. But typing tsc app.ts –module amd –target es5 can get tedious, sure you could use […]

Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6 and ECMAScript 6

Did you realize it’s possible to write and use ECMAScript 6 (ES6) today? Projects like Traceur and Babel make it possible to write JavaScript as described by the ES6 standard and use a transpiler to compile it to the JavaScript you may know and love (or hate) of today. Transpilers typically take the source of […]