Visualforce with Vue.js - Part 4 - Add the App

Visualforce with Vue.js – Part 4 – Add the App

Now that we have things loading properly we can start reproducing our Contacts app we built with ForceJS. If you didn’t follow along or are just joining us now the source code for the ForceJS with Vue.js can be found at Move It On Over Lets begin by copying everything we had in our […]

Visualforce with Vue.js - Part 3

Visualforce with Vue.js – Part 3

Last time we added a tab and started our Vue.js app. It had some issues and we had to use some attributes with our apex:page to get things working in Lightning. Is there a way to get around that? Lets take a look. What We Had This is what we left off with: Previous […]

Visualforce with Vue.js - Part 2

Visualforce with Vue.js – Part 2

In Visualforce with Vue.js we did most of the work necessary to start working on our Vue.js app on a Visualforce page. Let’s continue where we left off and get Vue.js working! Make a Tab First thing we should do is make a Tab for our Visualforce page just so we can get to it […]

Visualforce with Vue.js

Visualforce with Vue.js

We’ve taken a look at using Vue.js and using ForceJS with Vue.js now lets add some Vue.js to a Visualforce page. I will be using Mavensmate with Visual Studio Code. Learn a little about setting it up here. I’m going to assume you already have an org to play around with. If you do not […]

Visual Studio Code with MavensMate

At Dreamforce one of the sessions I was excited to see was the introduction of Mavensmate with Visual Studio Code (VS CODE). It was presented by Joseph Ferraro and David Helmer. I have been using MavensMate with Sublime and it was an ok experience but I missed some of the features of VS Code. With […]